Order new company car

Order new company car

At Nordania it only takes a few simple steps to get your new company car. 
  • Visit the online Showroom

  • Use the online tax calculator

  • Configure your car

  • We order your new car

1. Showroom

In Nordania's online showroom you will find a great variety of company cars. Here you can get a quotation for your car, and shortly after you will be contacted directly by one of our car consultants. Together we can make the final configurations of the car and its accessories. 

If you cannot find the car you want in the showroom, you can always give us all call. Since we are brand independent at Nordania we can provide most cars. 


Customized car list

If your company has an official company car policy, you can call us on + 45 45 12 12 12 and get a customized list of cars matching the policy and your spending limit. 


Nice to know…

Please be aware that your company may have special policies regarding the car's brand, fuel consumption, accessories etc. Also, it is a good idea to know your spending limit before you start looking for your new company car.

2. Calculate your tax

0,0-4,4|35040 4,5-4,7|33150 4,8-4,9|31320 5,0-5,2|29490 5,3-5,5|27660 5,6-5,8|25740 5,9-6,2|23910 6,3-6,6|22080 6,7-7,0|20190 7,1-7,6|18360 7,7-8,2|16530 8,3-9,0|14700 9,1-9,9|12780 10,0-10,4|10980 10,5-11,0|10050 11,1-11,7|9120 11,8-12,4|8190 12,5-13,2|7290 13,3-14,2|6360 14,3-15,3|5460 15,4-16,6|4530 16,7-18,1|3570 18,2-19,9|2670 20,0-22,1|1740 22,2-24,9|1620 25,0-28,5|1500 28,6-33,2|1380 33,3-36,3|1290 36,4-39,9|1230 40,0-44,3|1170 44,4-49,9|1110 50,0-75,0|990 0,0-5,0|35040 5,1-5,3|33150 5,4-5,5|31320 5,6-5,8|29490 5,9-6,1|27660 6,2-6,5|25740 6,6-6,9|23910 7,0-7,4|22080 7,5-8,0|20190 8,1-8,6|18360 8,7-9,3|16530 9,4-10,1|14700 10,2-11,2|12780 11,3-11,8|10980 11,9-12,4|10050 12,5-13,1|9120 13,2-14,0|8190 14,1-14,9|7290 15,0-16,0|6360 16,1-17,2|5460 17,3-18,7|4530 18,8-20,4|3570 20,5-22,4|2670 22,5-24,9|1740 25,0-28,0|1620 28,1-32,0|1500 32,1-37,5|1380 37,6-40,9|1290 41,0-44,9|1230 45,0-49,9|1170 50,0-56,2|1110 56,3-75,0|990

Tax calculator

By choosing the car's tax base, your marginal tax rate, fuel consumption and if necessary self-payment per month, you can calculate the monthly tax payment.

Tax base
160,000 DKK
Marginal tax rate
50 %
Fuel consumption
Fuel consumption
Self-payment per month
Tax payment

Amount the first 36 months incl environment fee
Net per month
Gross per month:

Amount after 36 months incl. environment fee

Net per month
Gross per month

Environment fee per month:

You can find the car's fuel consumption in our showroom or alternatively here (Danish).

3. Test drive

We always recommend that you test drive your new company car before making the final order. You can test drive the car at one of the car dealers that Nordania partners with. Please call the car dealer beforehand to make sure they have the specific car ready for your test drive. ​

4. Order confirmation

When you and our car consultant have configured your new company car, you will receive an order confirmation from Nordania. The order confirmation states which car dealer that will deliver your new company car. 


5. Welcome letter

Before the delivery of your new car, we will send you a welcome letter with useful information about fuel card, roadside service, service checks etc. 


​6. Delivery

It is the individual car dealer that will inform you where and when your new company car is ready for delivery. In the welcome letter it is stated which car dealer that will deliver your car. 

Nordania Extra

​Nordania Extra is the name of our advantage programme that gives you good advice, news and quotes. For instance, you get a membership of the Federation of Danish Motorists, FDM, free of charge.

Sign up for Nordania Extra (Danish only) 


Fuel card

​At Nordania, you can easily order your new fuel card when you are ordering your new car. Typically, you will receive your fuel card five weeks before your car is delivered.

Please remember that your company might have a policy regarding how many types of cards and number of cards you are allowed to order. We therefore advice you to contact the person responsible for the car policy at your company.

Order your fuel card

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Order new company car
  • Visit the online Showroom
  • Use the online tax calculator
  • Configure your car
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