Car return

Car return

​How do you want to return your car?

  • Flexible choices
  • Objective inspection of the car
  • K1-K3 damages will not be billed
  • Drop off locations all over Denmark​​

Car return

Your choices

When you have to return your company car, you have four choices.

  • Make a reservation for returning your car at a drop off location
  • Return your car at one of Nordania's primary car dealerships 
  • Have your car collected at your company
  • Drop your car off without reservation

Read more about the the different choices below. 

When must I return the car?

We will notify you by e-mail or letter approximately 45 days before you have to return your company car. In the email or letter, you can see the exact return date and detailed information about your choices and obligations. 

When returning your car

  • The car is being inspected for any damages and defects both on the outside and the inside
  • Types of damages rank from K1 to K5. ​Nordania does not bill K1 to K3 damages
  • You are welcome to participate in the inspection. ​​​

Reservation for drop-off

Nordania cooperates with, which has drop off locations all over Denmark. By using the link below, you can see where the locations are and at the same time make a reservation for returning your car. It takes about 30 - 40 minutes to return your car.

Please remember to make your reservation in good time whether you participate in the inspection or not. However, we recommend that you are present at the inspection.

This service is free of charge. 

Return at car dealership

When you have your new company car delivered from one of Nordania's primary car dealerships, you have the possibility of returning your old company car at the car dealership.

See list of primary car dealerships here.

Book collection of old company car
Remember to book collection of your old company car by using the form below. The delivery date of your new car can be adjusted during the delivery phase. Therefore, we recommend that you book the collection of your old car in the week prior to the delivery of your new car.

Change in the delivery date?
If the delivery of you new company car is changed and thus scheduled after the expiry of your old company car, you must contact Nordania.

595 DKK + VAT 

Book return at car dealership​​​

Have your car collected

​If you cannot return your car yourself and participate in the inspection you can have your car collected where it is convenient for you. Collection has to take place at least two days before your lease agreement expires.

Nordania cooperates with Axcess Logistics who takes care of the collection within four weekdays from receiving your order. 
Please remember that it is not necessary to make reservations for returning your car when you are having it collected.

When to book
You must book the transportation no later than three days before the first possible pickup date. The transportation company has three days to pick up your car from the first possible pickup date. 

Example: Your leasing agreement expires 1 August. You must book the transportation no later than 26 July with first possible pickup date 29 July to ensure that the car can be returned 1 August.  
If you have any questions regarding the transportation you are welcome to contact or +45 70247710.​

  • Make sure that the actual date of return is equal to or earlier than the expiry date in your lease agreement.
  • Dansk Motortransport guarantees delivery within three weekdays after you have placed your order.
  • You should be aware of the fact that the car is only considered returned when it has been received at one of Nordania's return locations.
  • The car must be available at the company address.

This service costs 595 DKK + VAT

Drop-off without reservation

​If you choose to return your car without making a reservation, you simply inform us when you expect to drop off your car. In that way we can plan our capacity better and give you a better service.

You must return the car within the opening hours of the drop-off location and according to the expiry date in the leasing agreement.

Remember, if you choose this possibility for returning your company car, we cannot guarantee that the car will be registered on the same day as you drop it off. 



Please remember

​Please remember to clean the car both on the outside and the inside. Any logos and foliation must be removed. Smoking in the car is not acceptable and will be invoiced ​for unusual wear when the car is being returned.

Please bring the following items when you return your car
  • all keys and any key cards or code-card service records
  • service record
  • reports of any unrepaired damage
  • original registration document.
Please bring the following items if they are included in the lease agreement
  • accessories (roof box, roof rack, etc.)
  • winter tyres and rims (placed in the boot)
  • fuel card.
If one or more of these items is missing when the car is returned, the cost of their return will be charged to your company in accordance with Nordania's list of fees.
Remove all personal belongings such as sunglasses, parking license card, electronic parking disc etc.


Where can I return my car? Do I have to make a reservation?
You must return your car at one of our collection points.
You can also make a reservation so your car can be inspected when you return it. We recommend that you participate in the inspection.
However, you can also return your car without making a reservation and you will get a receipt for returning the car.
When the car has been inspected you will get a report. Please note that the car must be returned before the lease agreement expires.
Can I renew my lease agreement?
Please contact us and get more information on renewing your lease agreement.
Can I buy the car when the lease agreement expires?
We do not sell cars to private individuals but sometimes we can sell the car to your company. Your company can then sell it to you.
However, you have to contact the person responsible for your car fleet at your company to discuss this possibility. 
Who inspects the car when it is being returned?
The car is being inspected by an objective third party which is either or the Danish consumer organisation, FDM. It depends on where you return your car.
We recommend that you participate in the inspection of the car.

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