Factoring through Danske Bank – supports your demand for working capital

If a large part of your working capital is tied up in debtors and you wish to improve your working capital, then factoring through Danske Bank may be the solution you are looking for.

Factoring is an integrated part of District, where the supplier uploads invoices of approved debtors.

  • Invoices are discounted 100 %, invoice by invoice
  • Invoices are paid directly from your bank account via District
  • Invoices can be uploaded and will be processed throughout workdays.

You will obtain efficient and simple support of your demand for working capital.

Factoring applies to companies when

  • Selected debtors have an outstanding debt of more than 25 million kr.
  • These debtors can obtain credit approval by Danske Bank
  • You already utilize District via Danske Bank.

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How factoring works

4 good reasons to make use of factoring

Improved Cash Flow

100 % payout of any invoice by uploading it to Danske Bank.

Improved working capital

Factoring is Non-Recourse.

Ensures punctual payment

Danske Bank undertakes credit risk on the debtor.

Simple structure

Factoring is supported by District.