GDPR and Nordania

Worth knowing about the new General Data Protection Regulation.

Better overview and control of your personal data

From 25 May 2018, it became easier for you as a customer of the Danske Bank Group (including Nordania Leasing, Division of Danske Bank A/S and Nordania Finans A/S) to get an overview over and control of the personal data we have registered about you, and to know what we use the data for.

This is due to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which became effective on the same date. The rules apply to all businesses, organisations and public institutions within the EU and affect current as well as previous customers in Nordania Leasing, division of Danske Bank A/S and Danske Leasing A/S, that we have registered data on.

What is personal data?
Personal data is data that can be linked to you as a person. Examples of personal data we typically register are your name, address, household information, and financial situation.

Watch the video below which explains the background of the new rules.

Questions regarding GDPR?

Contact our Data Protection Function 
Holmens Kanal 2-12 
1092 København K 


More information

Get more information about, for instance, the processing, storage and use of your personal data. If you have any further questions about the new data regulation in general, please contact our Data Protection Function, Holmens Kanal 2-12, 1092 København K, e-mail: If you want to know which data Nordania has registered about you, please contact Nordania at 45 12 12 12.

Order a personal data overview

If you want more details about the personal data we have about you, you can order a data overview. The overview contains different types of data, for example account and card information, information about payment agreements, and information about products and services you have with us.

What do the new rules mean?

Better overview

You can order an overview of the personal data we have about you both as a personal and business customer. Please call Nordania at 45 12 12 12 if you are interested in an overview.

Better insight

You can get a better insight into how we use your personal data. For example to:

  • Advise you as best as possible
  • Fulfil agreements with you
  • Meet the requirements of the law which we are subjected to as a financial institution.

What should you do?

You do not have to do anything in connection with the new rules.

Are you, as a person, connected to a business that is a customer of Nordania?

If you are connected to a business that is a customer of ours, the rules are of importance to the personal data we have about you. For instance, we might have registered personal data about you if you are, for example, a car user, an owner, an authorised signatory or a mandate holder in a business that is a customer of ours.