Leasing of vans

When leasing company vans, you have the benefit of fixed expenses rather than having to pay large lump sums.

All categories of vans

  • Free choice among all brands and models
  • Opportunity to customise accessories and design
  • Full disposal of the vans throughout the lease period
  • Fixed lease costs every month

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We finance the interiors of your company van as well

When leasing a van at Nordania, you can choose to have your retrofitted equipment financed by us. You can customise your van with:

  • Shelving
  • Wrapping
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Crane construction
  • And much more

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Types of leasing

Finance lease

Finance lease is the most simple type of leasing. We finance your van, and you have the use during the lease period. When the lease period expires, you will find a buyer for the van who is willing to pay the agreed salvage value. You can choose add-on products for the van such as insurance and fuel agreement.

Operating lease

Operating lease includes more than just financing of the vehicle. In the lease agreement, you can find add-on services such as service check and roadside service. Most important of all, you have to return the van to us at the end of the lease period rather than finding a buyer for it.