At Nordania Leasing, you can lease domiciles, office buildings, and warehouses.

In general, the properties must have a value of at least 20 million kr. (€2.7 million). Also, it is a prerequisite that your company runs the business from the address.

Right of use
When leasing real estate for your business, you pay for the right of use. Accordingly, you do not own the property.

Increase liquidity with leasing
If you lease business properties, you release liquidity, which can give you financial headroom. In other words, your liquidity is not tied to the property.

Finance your current property with leasing
Leasing a property you already own is called sale-and-leaseback.

With a sale-and-leaseback solution, you sell us your property after which we make a leasing agreement, where you lease the property back.

Finance your new property with leasing
Another option is to use leasing when moving to a new domicile.

Apart from releasing liquidity, you get cash benefits consisting of attractive construction financing as well as saved costs for registration of mortgages.

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