Service of company car

We recommend that you book service checks directly through Nordania Car App, where you will find a list of service garages we collaborate with. In Nordania Car App you can book the service check immediately because you are logged in with your registration and agreement number. In that way, you avoid filling out a Vehicle Service Form. Otherwise, please contact the service garages from the menu below.

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Follow service schedule
You must always follow the service intervals stated in the service book, which should always be kept in the car. It is also important that the service book is filled out properly by the garage. For cars with electronic service book: Please print out the proof of service and keep in in the car's manual. Most cars also display an automatic reminder for the next service check.

Nordania service agreement
When you have a service agreement with Nordania you do not have to worry about

  • unforeseen bills
  • service checks
  • repairs due to normal wear and tear - e.g. change of brakes.

It is always your responsibility to take the car to the garage and have the service done. All service checks must be done in Denmark at authorized garages appointed by Nordania.

It is also your responsibility to maintain the car and ensure that any damage is repaired at a garage approved by Nordania. As a minimum, you should always make sure that

  • the tyre pressure is correct
  • the oil level is correct.

Please note that you must have the tyre changed when the tread depth is worn down to 1.6 mm, which is the legal minimum. In case you are contacted by the authorities or by an importer about extraordinary control of the car, you must always respect it.

Find service garage
From the list below, you can find service garages we collaborate with:

Fill out Vehicle Service Form

If you do not use Nordania Car App, you must fill out and bring the Vehicle Service Form when you hand in your company car at the service garage. Download Vehicle Service Form

Service of company car FAQ

  • Can I get a loaner car while my car is in for service?

    Yes, you can. You just have to remember to ask for a loaner car when you book an appointment with the service garage. But please note that the price for the loaner car is not included in Nordania's service agreement.

    In case the service garage cannot offer you a loaner car, or if you have to use it for a longer period, you can always contact Nordania Car Rental at +45 45 12 00 51.

  • Can I use all service garages?

    No. You must always get the service done in Denmark at authorized garages appointed by Nordania. You will find the list in the list above.

  • How often should I take the car in for service?
    It differs from brand to brand. Generally, the car must be taken in for service when the mileage is between 15,000 km to 35,000 km or at least once a year. However, you can find information about your car's specific service intervals in the service book.
  • My car must be taken in for service during holidays - what do I do?

    We recommend that you take your company car for service well in advance - despite holidays. However, you can take the car in for service at an authorized service garage abroad if you are away on holiday. We kindly ask you to bear the costs yourself until you get back. Then you can contact Nordania and get the costs refunded. Please remember to get an invoice and a stamp in your service book.

    If, on the other hand, you drive more miles than prescribed in the service book, Nordania cannot pay you ex gratia. Therefore, defects that occur in the absence of service are not covered by the factory or importer because the service interval is not respected. These operating costs will, therefore, be charged to you or your company.