Leasing of machines & equipment

Nordania finances machines and equipment to numerous industries.

You can lease all types of machines and equipment, which are necessary to attract customers for your contracting company.

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Leasing for contractors

As a contractor, it is essential to have modern machines and equipment to be competitive. Use our leasing calculator or see the advantages associated with leasing as a contractor here.

Lease of machinery

At Nordania, you can lease all standard types of machines for your machine shop or manufacturing company.

Agricultural lease

Lease your agricultural machinery with Nordania. Leasing makes you more flexible, release liquidity, and ensures competitiveness.
it-leasing - leasing af it-udstyr

Lease of IT equipment

At Nordania, you can lease a great variety of IT equipment. In that way, you are ensured to keep abreast of technological development.
offentlig leasing

Public leasing

We collaborate and lease to any type of public enterprise and authority including corporations with either wholly or partly public ownership.
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Lease of other equipment

Lease of any type of equipment for your company such as equipment for dentists, the pharmaceutical industry, and much more.

Types of leasing

Finance lease

Finance lease is a simple type of leasing property. With finance lease, the property is financed and you have the right of use during the entire lease period. When the lease agreement expires, you are obliged to assign a buyer, who will take ownership of the property.

Operating lease

With operating lease, the property is financed and you have the right of use during the lease period. But contrary to finance lease, you are not obliged to assign a buyer when the lease agreement expires. Based on conditions agreed on in the agreement, you can either choose to stay or vacate the property.