Leasing of trucks

As a carrier, you can make a profit by leasing your trucks.

What is the optimal solution for me as a carrier?

It can be challenging to determine whether leasing is favourable for you. As a customer in Nordania, you are affiliated with a financial advisor and a customer service representative. Throughout the lease period, they will assist you with anything from financing and choice of vehicles to the composition of your lease agreement.

We will help you with:

  • Fixed costs and transparency.
  • Liquidity in the company.
  • Finance and operating lease.
  • Reporting.

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Why should I lease my trucks

Right of use

When leasing a truck, you pay for the right of use. This means that the truck is available as it would have been the case if you had bought the truck. When the lease agreement expires, you can either return the truck to Nordania or assign a buyer.

Financing tailored to you

At Nordania, we assist you with financing the construction of the truck as well. This allows us to meet your demands - regardless of whether you need a freezer or a crane.

Budget certainty

When you lease through Nordania, your budget is safe because you pay a fixed monthly lease fee. You are acquainted with all costs throughout the lease period, which makes it easier to plan the development of your company.

Free liquidity

When leasing trucks at Nordania, you maintain money in your company. This can be used to build a liquidity reserve and expand your core business.

Additional products

  • Fleet online

    You can implement Fleet Online in your financial management system. In this way, you have access to all the information about the costs of your fleet.

    With Fleet Online you can see:

    • Fuel consumption for specific vehicles.
    • Costs within a given period.


  • Insurance

    Liability insurance
    Compulsory for all trucks. It covers road accidents if you injure other people or damage their vehicle or belongings.

    Comprehensive insurance
    In cooperation with Tryg, we can offer attractive insurance which covers:

    • Trucks with and without coupling.
    • Multi-axle vehicles.
    • Parked car insurance for trailers and semi-trailers.

    Optional cover
    We provide several other insurances, which might be relevant to you, including carriers' liability, driving abroad, driver coverage, dangerous goods, and coverage for operating losses. Please do not hesitate to contact us at +45 45 12 12 12 to hear more about your opportunities.

    Less paperwork
    We bill the insurance premium along with the lease fee. In that way, you will avoid the administrative burden associated with handling and booking insurances.

  • Tracking

    The GPS unit from Trackunit Ltd gathers operating statuses and sends data to a server. This allows you to calculate driving times and document your work in record time.

  • Roadside assistance (Nordania Assistance)

    With Nordania Assistance, you will get assisted in case of an accident on Danish roads, where the truck is not capable of driving further.

    • Instant repairing of the damages.
    • Salvaging.
    • Transport.
    • Starting aid.
    • Delivery of fuel.
    • Personal aid.