Leasing of company cars

At Nordania, we have all the leading brands and models, and we can advise you about choosing a company car, which suits your exact needs.

Find your next company car in our online showroom or in Nordania Car App (for existing clients, exclusively).

In Nordania's online showroom you can find a great variety of company cars. You can get a quotation, and you can customise your company car. Shortly after, you will be contacted directly by one of our car consultants.

If you cannot find the car you want in the showroom, please write us an email at firmabiler@nordania.dk. Since we are brand-independent, we can provide most cars.

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Nordania Bil App

Download Nordania Car App

If you are already a customer in Nordania, you are ready to use our Car App. In the app, you can:

  • Find the nearest gas station
  • Customise your next company car
  • Schedule service appointment
  • See your leasing agreement
  • Get help in case of damage or accident

Read more about Nordania Car App here.

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How much does the company car cost me in taxes per month?

By choosing the car's tax base, your marginal tax rate, fuel consumption, and if necessary self-payment per month, you can calculate the monthly tax payment.

Coming soon

How much does the company car cost me in taxes per month?

By choosing the car's tax base, your marginal tax rate, fuel consumption, and if necessary self-payment per month, you can calculate the monthly tax payment.

Benefits as a company by leasing company cars

You use the cars - we take the risk

When leasing company cars, you have full disposal of them during the lease period. The company pays a fixed lease fee every month.

Leasing strengthens liquidity

When leasing company cars, you avoid binding large sums in the cars, which contributes to strengthening liquidity. This money can then be spent on business development instead.

Deduction for VAT and lease fee

The lease fee is an operational cost you can deduct from your account immediately. The VAT is split during the lease period and can be deducted from your VAT account.

More than just financing

You have the opportunity to incorporate add-on services to your leasing agreement. This is called operational leasing and it includes service agreement and roadside service, among others.

Add-on services

  • Fleet management

    Fleet management is 100 percent outsourcing of your company cars. We manage all the practicalities such as:

    • Company car service.
    • Roadside service.
    • Tire change.
    • Insurance.
    • Fuel agreement.
  • Insurance

    When you are insured by Nordania Insurance through the Danish insurer Tryg, you are in good hands. We provide cheap insurances with broad coverage tailored to our business clients.

    Nordania Insurance at Tryg covers:

    • Liability, comprehensive, and fire insurance.
    • Retrofitted equipment for up to 50,000 kr. excl. VAT.
    • Tow bar.

  • Tracking

    A small invisible GPS unit in the company cars provides an overview of the cars' position as well as the drivers' actual driving time.

    • GPS map of the fleet.
    • Simple reporting and documentation.
  • Roadside service (Nordania Assistance)

    With Nordania Assistance you have an exclusive mobility warranty, which assists you if you find yourself in an unanticipated situation with your company car.

    Nordania Assistance assists you with:

    • Personal injury.
    • Stoppage.
    • Traffic injury.
    • Tire damage.
    • Windscreen damage.
    • Problems with fuel card outside normal business hours.
  • Fuel card

    With a fuel card from Nordania, you benefit from the volume discount we obtain through agreements of more than 20 million litres of fuel a year.

    We have an agreement with the following gas stations:

    • Shell.
    • Q8.
    • Circle K.
    • Uno-X.
  • Service agreement

    With a service agreement at Nordania, expenses for service checks and maintenance are covered throughout the lease period - this applies after the warranty expires as well.

    • Authorised garages.
    • Budget certainty.
    • Invoiced with the lease agreement.
  • Tire agreement

    When you sign a lease agreement with service included with Nordania, you can sign a tire agreement as well. This means that we manage all your company cars' tyres.

    • Premium tyres.
    • Increased security.
    • Storage included.
    • Budget certainty.
  • Security package

    In case of an accident, it is important to possess the right equipment. A security package includes:

    • 1 warning triangle.
    • 2 kg powder extinguisher.
    • 1 emergency hammer with belt cutter.
    • 1 safety vest.
    • 1 pair of gloves.
    • 1 torch.