Glass repair

If you have a damaged windscreen, Nordania's business partner, Carglass, are specialists in repairing or replacing the damaged glass.

Why choose Carglass?

  • Carglass repairs or replaces the damaged windscreen where and when you find it appropriate.
  • Carglass always replaces the windscreen by following the car manufacturer’s instructions. Carglass only uses components that are quality approved by the car manufacturer.
  • Carglass fixes almost 12 million damages each year making them a highly experienced company.
    Please remember to inform Carglass that the damaged windscreen or window is to be covered by your insurance company.

    As a mobile repair company, Carglass will repair or replace the windscreen where and when you want it.

    Get your damaged windscreen fixed - the sooner the better
    Minor windscreen crackles are often easy to repair.

    However, if the windscreen needs to be replaced, Carglass can also do that at any location when it suits you.

    Hjælp på rejsen
    Carglass® kan også hjælpe dig, hvis du får en akut glasskade i udlandet. Du ringer blot til Carglass® i Danmark, og så sørger de for resten - inklusive afregning med forsikringsselskabet.

    Carglass A/S
    Tlf. 43 22 99 92

    Book online (Danish only)

Glass repair FAQ

  • Can you replace the windscreen outdoor?

    Yes, Carglass utilise a windscreen glue, which is specially designed for outdoor use. The glue hardens within an hour in the temperature interval from -20 to +50 degrees. Therefore, you will be back on the road within just 2½ hours.
  • My windscreen is specially designed - can Carglass provide a windscreen similar to mine?

    Yes, Carglass always mounts a windscreen identical to the original windscreen regardless of extra features such as rain sensors, heaters, etc.
  • My car has specialised equipment - can Carglass handle that as well?

    Yes, Carglass can replace windscreens on all cars regardless of extra equipment such as multi purpose cameras, automatic headlamps, parking assistant, etc.