Taxation of company cars

Learn how a company car is taxed in Denmark and use our online tax calculator.

By choosing the car's tax base, your marginal tax rate, fuel consumption and, if necessary, self-payment per month, you can calculate the monthly tax payment.


Leasing fee deductions

The leasing fee is tax-deductible as an operating cost. Hereby you will get full fiscal effect throughout the lease period.

Free car taxation

When a company leases a car for an employee, the employee is taxed. This is also the case if the company buys the car. The tax is calculated from the car's acquisition price. This is what we refer to as the car's tax base.

You have to pay taxes of 23,5% of the car's value up to 300,000 kr. and 21,5% of the excess value plus an environment fee. This fee depends on the car's fuel consumption.

After 36 months the car's tax base decreases by 25%, which becomes the new tax base. You have to pay taxes of 23,5% of the car's new tax base up to 300,000 kr. and 21,5% of the excess value (Note: Only on contracts originally lasting a minimum of 48 months).

Tax base370,000 kr.
Environment fee5,600 kr.
Tax: 23,5% of 300,00070,500 kr.
Tax: 21,5% of 70,00015,050 kr.
 Taxable value per year91,150 kr.


No VAT payment

When you lease, you avoid paying 25% in VAT. In fact, there is no VAT payment when you lease a company car. Instead, the VAT is divided into small portions, which are distributed over the entire lease period.

Deduction in VAT

If your company is VAT registered, you can get a partial VAT deduction when you lease your company car. To obtain the deduction in VAT:
  • ... you must lease the car for a continuous period of more than 6 months.
  • ... work-related driving must account for at least 10 % of the total driving.
The VAT deduction is calculated based on the car's registration fee:
First three years: Registration fee x 2 % x 25 %.
After three years: Registration fee x 1 % x 25 %.


New car with a registration fee of 150,000 kr.
First three years: 150,000 x 2 % x 25 % = 750 kr. (per month).
After three years: 150,000 x 1 % x 25 % = 375 kr. (per month).

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