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We have a strong focus on fighting financial crime. You also feel this as a customer. Like all other financial companies in the EU, we have a duty to follow the so-called "Know your customer rules", which means that we must be able to document who our customers are. Therefore, we ask you to answer some questions and upload a photo of your ID, e.g. passport / driving license and health insurance card. You can do this easily and securely through this website.

When you click on ‘Send’ below, your information will be sent to Danske Bank. Thus, Danske Bank is the data processor and we do not use your information for other purposes.

We ask you to send copies of both your passport AND health insurance card. If you do not have a passport, you can send a copy of your driving license instead.

Please make sure that the photo of the passport, driving license or other valid ID is sharp and clear - see also the instruction "How to take a photo of ID" below. If you do not have a passport or driving license, you will find a list of valid ID under “Q&A: Uploading ID".

How to take a photo of your ID

When you take a photo of your ID, all information must be in the picture. See examples below:
  • Illustration af pas
    1. Place the passport on a flat surface.
    2. Make sure that there is enough light in the room and avoid reflection.
    3. Make sure that all information is shown in the picture.
    4. Please just take one single photo of your photo, name, etc.

Q&A: Uploading ID